Our Rotsund Seafishing fishing camp (a part of Lyngen Outdoor Center) is located in the eastern part of Uløya Island, in the far north of Norway, 500 km beyond the Arctic Circle. The beautiful surrounding fjords, including the famous Lyngen Fjord, offer some of the greatest fishing grounds in the world, with plenty of halibutt, catfish, seia and of course codfish.

We belong to the renowned Dintur network and as such guarantee the highest levels and standards of safety.

We are located in a place called Uløybukt, 100m from the ferry port of the same name. We are easy to find, the only road on this part of the island leads straight to us. You can reach us by regular ferry (see ferries timetable under access section).

We offer 3 comfortably furnished apartments in two buildings located 50 metres from the water line. The apartments offer everything you would need for a boating and fishing trip with friends, including a drying room for equipment and fish-skinning facility.

We have new, modern aluminum boats, one of the largest and most modern in the whole of the Lyngen area. (See the boats section).

A large-sized pier, belonging to the property, reaches out approx. 50m into the sea. A comfortable floating bridge allows for safe and easy docking.

Explore the unforgettable Arctic, and discover its unspoiled nature for yourself.

You’re all invited!