Whether the goal is cod, halibut, sea turbot, catfish or coley, the area surrounding Uløya provides any angler with unforgettable challenges!

Uløya lies on the Rotsund strait, and every angler knows what that means. The sea currents deliver an excellent fishing experience and big fish. We get enormous catfish and Atlantic cod. Huge halibuts are not uncommon here; the record for our centre is a 77.6 kg whopper!

(By the way: if you beat it – you get a bottle of wine!)

the record specimen – 212 cm and 77.6 kg. A fish, not a man of course :)

…and the second best is 76 kg!

hali 76 - 2

We have our own comfortable floating bridge and a large pier reaching 50m into the sea, with a fish skinning room.

Our fleets of modern, aluminum boats provide comfortable and safe seafishing (see Boats section). Even in early spring and late autumn one can safely and comfortably sail in our cabin boat – a great rarity in this region!


You are all invited!